“lf anyone is in any doubt about the transformative power of the somatic consent workshop I would be more than happy to recount my own experience and proffer my most enthusiastic and heartfelt recommendation.
This course really helped me to tune in to my core ‘truths’ at a profound level. I attended with my wife, and we made great leaps and bounds towards gaining a far better understanding of both our own and each others needs and truths and we left having cultivated an even stronger bond between us. Our mindfulness and self awareness has certainly been enhanced by our time with Teertha.
I also gained an insight which I wasn’t expecting – through the process of silent inner reflection, listening to my body and feeling somatically, I was presented with the realisation that I was deeply disillusioned with my current employers who were a source of great stress and suffering in my professional life which also impacted my personal life, leaving me downcast and wretched.
After that weekend I realised instinctively that I had to implement change. The workshop facilitated this and I found that it helped generate what became a revalatory inner dialogue.
I have subsequently resigned and while that has generated some uncertainty over the future I nevertheless feel and ‘know’ deep within myself that I made the right choice without any shadow of doubt or regret. The experience was instrumental in helping me to clarify my life’s priorities and act accordingly. In alignment with myself. Moving forward with courage, humility and love.
I also made the conscious decision to never again allow myself to submit to the will of anyone who would attempt to separate me from my own sovereign, immutable truths and to empower myself to similarly renounce any self-abandoning modes of being; to be still, to be self aware and to be conscious of my needs.
In my opinion Teertha embodies an archetype of self-empowerment and profound integrity.
She radiates a glowing warmth which is permeated with grace, compassion and a disposition of deep truthfulness- the truth associated with knowing and accepting oneself and being true to oneself. And she brings that out in the people with whom she interacts so effusively that the result is a convivial atmosphere which is amiable, engaging and magical.
But at the same time she is also in possession of a luminous and inspiring ferocity of spirit which, I believe, can only be marshalled through the valiant surpassing of great adversity and personal limitation. She is, as the saying goes, the real deal.
This is all pleasantly tempered by a cheerful, magnetic and easy going communication style which facilitates open discussion and creates a convivial framework for growth and inner understanding.
So for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves and make positive steps forward, I encourage you to attend one of the workshops. I found it to be truly uplifting, enlightening and indeed life-changing. If you enter with an open mind and heart, determined to listen and to discover your own inner truth, you will be most richly and generously rewarded.
Thank you Teertha”.