Personal Development & Inspired Empowerment

Are you;

~ Feeling shame or lack of acceptance of self?
~ Feeling dis-empowered or lost?
~ Confused by your behaviors (or the behaviors of others)?
~ Feel like you are repeating patterns but want to make lasting sustainable changes in your life?

“Self-Development and Inspirational coaching sessions can help you better understand yourself and your behaviours”

-Teertha Ordish

We carry how we feel about ourselves into every corner of our life. Therefore the centre of all Teertha’s work is inspiring personal empowerment. She gracefully combines teachings from what she has found effective in her professional training and her own personal healing and self-development journey to help to inspire people to create self motivation and catalyse lasting change.

Self-Development and Inspirational coaching sessions can help you better understand yourself and your behaviours, reform your perceptions about yourself and the world, and help you to upgrade the foundations that cause certain patterns to keep showing up in your life.


Using research from the science of human behavior, various aspects of psychology, biology,  neuroscience, and quantum physics, Teertha blends this knowledge with the shamanic understanding of mental health and a range of tools from ancient practices to help you find inspiration and create personal transformation.




Teertha offers the awareness and skills to stop buying into drama, recover your personal power, and restore coherence and inner harmony to help you to create new experiences and live the life you desire.

Teertha Ordish
Coach, Guide, Educator, Facilitator
In Shamanism, Tantra, Consent, Intimacy, Sexuality, Empowerment and Integration

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