Shamanism and Tantra
~ The Sacred Path of Initiation, Liberation, and Soul Wisdom ~

Teertha offers individual Shamanic and/or Tantric Healing Sessions. She also shares practices from these traditions to help you to remember, feel, and embody your multidimensional nature. These practices help to awaken you to your kundalini life force energy and the Sacred Anatomy; your subtle energy body.

We can learn to harness our life force energy, retrieve the elements of nature within and reconnect to the natural matrix. This offers an empowering spiritual journey; an awakening process.

Teertha Sexual Empowerment

Teertha offers sacred initiations and ceremonies for healing and transformation. She shares a variety of consciousness expanding practices including:

~ meditation
~ breathwork,
~ guided visualisation
~ channelling
~ journeying
~ soul retrieval
~ sound healing
~ work with master spirit plants & animals

Through training and developing awareness we can learn to stop feeding the ‘thought forms’ or ‘hungry ghosts’ we have previously identified with. We can begin to understand the shadow aspects of the psyche and integrate the fractured parts of ourselves. We can recover Soul Loss, allowing our life force energy to come into full expression.


Teertha invites you to embark on a journey to begin to transcend ego identification and remember yourself as infinite spirit/soul. You are invited to experience the transpersonal; the interconnectedness of all things and the cooperative relationship with all of humanity and nature. All things that we experience on the personal level are also embedded in the collective conscious.

Teertha Sexual Empowerment

Contact me for a free consultation. We can organise to meet in person or we can arrange a zoom meeting.