Teertha is a very empathic –  a good and a kind person and non-judgemental too.   I found it very easy to talk to her about past experiences and present-day anxieties and she somehow induces a feeling of peace to the environment that is calming and reassuring.  The …therapies… (Teertha guided me into)… around breathing exercise and what is akin to semi-hypnosis state brought about a deep sleepy relaxation. Afterwards, it took quite a while for me to “re-surface” and come back to the present world (in a good way!).  I was really happy to find that this deep, stress/anxiety-free state of peacefulness lasted with me for many days beyond the therapy. It was like a re-set! If I work at relaxation techniques and the tools Teertha shared with me then I am confident that I can extend that peaceful state for many more days and weeks to come… Thank you Teertha