Mel, Cork:

The consent weekend with Teertha was a very informative, deepening of my tool box for techniques for a better future. I can be very independent and feel I have all the tools I need, yet in some situations I kept making the same mistakes or engaging with the same dynamics. This weekend fine tuned techniques I had and greater informed the reason why they worked.
The intimacy we developed over the weekend within our group was also such an inspiration and an expression of Teertha’s skill to facilitate and guide a group of strangers towards openness and deep trust.
Teertha’s teaching model is very focused and easy to digest, punctuated with her own personal life stories of obstacles and victories as the consent work embedded itself into her self care programme.
Illustrations of each stage are written and explained so visuals as well as games help the information given to be absorbed.
I would highly recommend this work as essential in helping relationships with both self and others to bloom and flourish. Healthy boundaries create space to expand into a safer space of open hearted connection. 

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