Teertha Ordish

“I have been on a healing journey for the past 10 years and this workshop has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made in my quest to understand myself more, release trauma, learned conditioning, and heal. I was a bit nervous about attending the workshop but was immediately put at ease by Teertha’s presence. She is a beautiful woman and a kind soul who has an innate ability to understand and help others reach their true potential and embody their light.

The principles of the workshop were brought to life in many fun and engaging practices that Teertha seemed to organise on an intuitive level. It made me realise how out of touch I have been in my body over the past while. I felt stimulated and energised as I explored myself and the environment in a way I would have never thought of doing before this beautiful weekend. I felt feelings and sensations that I have not felt for some time but have been longing for. The exercises encouraged me to challenge myself, connect to my desires, and ask for what I truly want. I also learned to truly listen to and respect the boundaries of others without taking it personally or feeling like I was somehow at fault.

This workshop has made me realise how much I have been missing human connection and touch and has been a catalyst for me to invite more fun and love into my life. It has brought my attention to old patterns and worn-out ways of being that are no longer serving me or anyone else. Despite all the education I have received and the books I have read, nothing has topped the learning I have gained from this weekend. It is a teaching that has been ingrained and one that I am sure will stay with me forevermore. I can already see a change in my communication and connection with others, and I am pleased to notice how challenging relationships in my life are beginning to heal. The only thing I regret is that I did not do this sooner so thank you Teertha, and thank you also to all the other beautiful souls who I had the pleasure to meet and work with over the weekend. 10/10!