“The somatic consent weekend workshop with Teertha was ostensibly about creating safe space to explore consensual, platonic touch – and it was this. The exercises in touch exploration were playful, challenging, delightful, deep and nourishing. The room was frequently flooded in oxytocin… But, in combination with the theory that was offered and very clearly articulated by Teertha throughout, touch became the playground for exploring and embodying the basic principles of self-responsibility and sovereignty, healthy relating and communicating, connecting with and expressing personal truth, desire and boundaries – and for experiencing each of these as part of the inextricably woven web of being a human in healthy, reciprocal, and pleasurable relationship and community with other humans.
This should be basic life learning from very early childhood, but our culture is so far from this reality. I experienced a deep grief, at the end of the workshop, for the tragedy of this, especially having witnessed throughout the weekend how
quickly and profoundly this work sets in for people, when safety is cultivated and the invitation is present.
On top of this grief, I also felt an even deeper relief for having experienced how it might all be possible. I have no doubt that this work has the potential to transform culture.
Teertha is a skilled facilitator. She lives what she teaches, communicates crystal clearly, and cultivates an extraordinarily safe space for the exploration that this work requires. I plan on delving deeper into this work, and would highly recommend this workshop to literally anybody (needless to say!)”.