Consent, Intimacy & Sexual Empowerment Coaching Sessions

We are social creatures that by nature crave intimacy and connection, yet in our society touch has become sexualised and we are given various, and often contradicting, messages about what is acceptable/permitted and what is not. This can create confusion in navigating some of our most natural desires as we are often taught they are taboo. Many people experience a lot of shame about this which can maintain feelings of isolation and separation and create chronic dis-empowerment.

If you are interested in developing your interpersonal skills, looking for more effective ways to connect with yourself/your partner/lovers, or you want to learn about true sex education, Consent, Intimacy, and Sexual Empowerment coaching/training sessions can help individuals and couples to get clear about Consent and Boundaries, explore Sex Education and the anatomy of the pleasure body, and develop the communication skills to deepen intimacy and explore sexuality with more awareness in a confidential, safe, and supported space.

Teertha Ordish Consent

"Coming into integrity with and bringing acceptance to our intimate nature can help us to embody our sexuality in a healthy, nourishing and fulfilling way."

-Teertha Ordish

~ learn more about consent
~ recover from numbness or disconnection
~ learn to recognise and act on your internal ‘yes’ & ‘no’
~ develop healthy boundaries & the skills to communicate them
~ expand your capacity for intimacy, connection & pleasure
~ improve and enhance all your relationships
~ let go of shame for desiring intimate connection
~ heal from unwanted touch, and/or touch deprivation
~ reclaim your body after sexual trauma
~ learn to stop bypassing yourself

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