Transform In Body, Sex, Heart, Psyche & Soul

“Guiding you back to your natural self”

Teertha O_-84

Are you finding it hard to deal with life’s current challenges and feel you are missing inspiration or enthusiasm? Perhaps you yearn for an oasis of kindness and calm; a safe space to think, feel and be met on deeper levels?

Teertha offers a shelter from the storm and a non-judgemental sanctuary from life’s challenges where all aspects of you are welcome; a truly holistic approach. Teertha can provide a confidential, safe space for you to feel heard, seen and met, talk about societal taboos, receive support, and to reset yourself.

Providing a unique viewpoint by combining many years of experience in various holistic therapies, healing modalities and awakening practices, people leave Teertha’s sessions and trainings feeling restored and inspired, armed with practical tools they can use to support themselves to recover from trauma; to regain balance, personal power, and positive momentum. Teertha is passionate about inspiring creativity and personal transformation so we can co-create a world where health, value fulfillment, enthusiasm and vitality are possible for everyone.

Consent, Intimacy & Sexual Empowerment Coaching Sessions

We are social creatures that by nature crave intimacy and connection, yet in our society touch has become sexualised and we are given various, and often contradicting, messages about what is acceptable/permitted and what is not.

Shamanism and Tantra
~ The Sacred Path of Initiation, Liberation, and Soul Wisdom ~

Teertha Shamanism and Tantra

Teertha offers individual Shamanic and/or Tantric Healing Sessions. She also shares practices from these traditions to help you to remember, feel, and embody your multidimensional nature. These practices help to awaken you to your kundalini life force energy and the Sacred Anatomy; your subtle energy body.

Massage, Bodywork, Energy Healing and Touch Therapy

If you are feeling tense, stressed or overwhelmed, or just in the need of some relaxation, a bodywork/energy medicine session with Teertha can feel like a reset for your body and a gift to your whole being

Personal Development &
Inspired Empowerment Coaching

Self-Development and Inspirational coaching sessions can help you better understand yourself and your behaviours, reform your perceptions about yourself and the world, and help you to upgrade the foundations that cause certain patterns to keep showing up in your life.


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This has to be amazing i grew a tale overnight and had the work pulled right out of me.


Why can i see this on my profile? Is this just a dream? or is this the real deal?


This was amazing i just can’t get enough